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When to Start Weaning

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When to Start Weaning

It is recommended to begin weaning your baby onto solids when they’re around 6 months of age. However, your baby’s usual milk (breast milk or formula) is important for good nutrition until 12 months of age.

Signs Of Readiness For Solid Foods

  • Your baby is able to hold their head steady and is able to sit upright with some support
  • They watch you eat and reach for your food
  • They’re able to control their tongue
  • Your little one may even open their mouth and pretend to eat.

Helpful Weaning Tips

  • Ensure that your baby is in a comfortable sitting position
  • Prepare yourself for a mess
  • Use a small, soft spoon suitable for your baby’s mouth
  • Be patient, it may be a while before your child takes more than a spoonful
  • Never leave your child unattended during feeding, to prevent accidental choking
  • If they refuse the first time, try again in a day or so
  • Slowly introducing your baby to solid foods isn’t necessary. There is also no need to limit the number of new foods you give to your baby at any one time
  • The type of foods chosen should be suitable to your baby’s age and stage of development. Consider the texture of the foods and start with smooth or soft foods (e.g. pureed food) the move on to mashed or minced/chopped foods. At around eight months of age most infants can manage ‘finger foods’.

It is important to remember that each baby is different and will not necessarily be ready to start solids at exactly the same time as others.

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