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Language Development Milestones: 2-3 Years

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Language Development Milestones: 2-3 Years

Between the ages of two to three years old, a child’s vocabulary is likely to have doubled. And, as your toddler’s language develops, you will begin to understand how they see the world. Although they may get a little jumbled with their words at times they will be happy to keep talking if they feel they are being understood.

Milestones In Your Child’s Language Development Include:

By 2½ years, your toddler may:

  • Attempt to say about 500 words; some might be unclear as they cannot make all of the sounds used to pronounce words
  • Understand lots more words.

By the age of 3 years, you will notice how significantly your little one has developed. They may:

  • Use around 1000 words, and continue to learn new ones each day
  • Say lots of nouns (tree, girl, chair), pronouns (me, you, she, he), verbs (walk, swim, skip), location words (near, on) and adjectives (dry, sunny)
  • Learn to use words such as ‘less’ and ‘more’ and words to ask questions (who, what, why)
  • Understand the difference between ‘yours’ and ‘mine’
  • Speak more clearly. Other people will be able to understand some words they are saying
  • Like to listen to you reading stories and have favourites they want to hear over again
  • Talk while they play.

Here Are Some Tips On How You Can Encourage Your Child’s Language Development:

  • Read stories aloud and discuss the pictures in the book
  • Show interest in what your child is doing and ask them questions
  • Repeat what you say so they can hear the correct way of pronouncing words
  • Give your toddler individual attention when you can.

Each child will grow and develop differently, so it is important not to compare your child to others. If you are concerned about their development, seek advice from your healthcare professional.


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