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Growth Charts

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Growth Charts

What Are Growth Charts?

  • Growth Charts are used by healthcare professionals to plot and track your child’s growth and development
  • Growth is presented in percentiles, which reflect the proportion of people from the general population who are below or above a certain measurement. E.g. a child who is on the 60th percentile for their weight, is heavier than 60% of children, the same age and gender, and weighs less than 40% of others
  • Your little one’s growth is likely to be plotted on the charts in their baby book. All baby books now use the WHO 2006 growth charts as the standard for Australian children aged 0-2 years.

How Are Growth Charts Used By Your HCP?

  • They help to interpret your child’s growth from birth to 3 years. Measurements used, include;
    • Height (or length for babies)
    • Weight
    • Head circumference
  • It compares one measure to another to see how your little one’s growth is tracking on the chart. This helps them to easily identify developmental problems and act early on.

Keep in mind that growth charts are designed to be used as a guide. Each child is unique and their growth and development will be influenced by many things including their genetics, nutrition, health and wellness. The most important thing is that they are happy and healthy.

Young children usually grow in ‘bursts’, so it is unlikely that the lines on their growth chart will be perfectly smooth. It is normal for their weight or height to jump up significantly in a short amount of time.

If you are concerned about your child’s growth, seek advice from a healthcare professional.

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